D-Lok® Compression fittings and valves Double ferrule

Two-ferrule compression fitting is very quick coupling method used to connect two pipes, instrumentation or valves. It consists of a compression nut, back ferrule, front ferrule and fitting body. The pipe slid through the nut and ferrules and the nut is tightened down, from the finger tight position the nut is rotated for 1-1/4 turn. The installation sequence is fitting body (seat), Front ferrule (big ferrule), Back ferrule (smaller one) and the compression nut. Front ferrule crates sealing against tubing outside diameter and the fitting body while the back ferrule axially pushes the front ferrule and applies a radial grip on the tube.

Stainless steel compression fitting

The application covers a wide range of industries such as household, automotive, oil & gas, mining, chemical & petrochemical, semiconductors, pneumatic and hydraulic systems

Advantages of double ferrule compression fitting and valve:

Easy assembly and disassembly
Quick installation
High pressure

Compression fitting components:

Tetrapy D-Lok® components can cover all the process flow control, including:

  • Ball valve with compression fitting tube end connection
  • Check valve with compression fitting tube end connection
  • Needle Valve with compression fitting tube end connection
  • Fittings: Union, Bulkhead union, Tee, Elbow, Male connector, Male elbow etc

Tetrapy stocks D-lok® Compression fittings and valve in Sydney Australia. Buy online or contact us for if you wish to discuss bulk purchase.