Pneumatic Valve Actuators Series 83

Available only in the double acting version, the series 83 is manufactured in 9 models according to the different torque output required. These actuators can provide a 0°-180° rotation with the possibility to regulate the run of the actuator by using the cam adjustment but also with the screws mounted on the end caps. Approved for hazardous area applications.

180 Degree Operation
ATEX II 2GD T6 approved
Rack and Pinion design
Models 52 – 160 (Currently 9 sizes available)
Visual indicator
Open and closed end of travel adjustment
Mounting to Namur Standards
HVAC Applications

Special Versions:

High temperature: to withstand temperatures up to 150°C.
Low temperature: for applications that require the use down to -40°C.
With 303 stainless steel pinion.

1.000.000 cycles are guaranteed
100% production, mounting and testing in Italy
Local technical support in Australia


The pneumatic actuator has a patented solution for the cam and the double adjustment stop bolts chamber. Such area is separated from the pistons chamber, and it is not subject to pressure containing, contrary to our competitors’ products. This solution reduces the eventual leaking points and it enables better performances and long-term reliability of our actuators

Standard Double Adjustment ± : both in opening and closure direction through the regulation screws, everything is inserted in the dedicate internal chamber. Regulation screws in stainless steel.

Standard position indicator: rubber instead of plastic is used for the o-ring to avoid any damages on the operator’s hands). Indicator with 3 ways mounting kit, both for “L” and for “T”.