Indra, DBB Sampling/Injection Ball Type

DBB Sampling/Injection Ball Type

Sampling DBB Valves are used for sampling purpose and further analysis of the process. The sampling can be performed while the process is pressurized and in operation at its normal design conditions.
Indra Sampling DBB Valves are designed both with Integral Body and Sampling Probe (Not Welded) and available either in Flange/Thread or Flange/Flange connections.
Probe length is defined in acc. to the application requirements and the pipe line diameter – upon indication.
A Wake Frequency Calculation can be also performed to ensure both the correctness of the selected Probe Length and the valve optimum performance in time. Indra DBB Sampling Valve can still complete its best sampling function even without the Probe (i.e for applications with pipes diameter that can not allow the probe).
Indra Standard design consider the Needle Vent in between the 1st and 2nd Isolate Ball Valves (Ball/Needle/Ball).
Different design, when required, can be evaluated by Indra Engineering Department.
Sampling DBB Valves share all the vantage points of the compact design of the Indra IBLOK Series:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Faster Installation on site
  • Moderate Weight
  • Exclusion of Additional Mounting Accessories
  • Exclusion of Leakage Points
  • Fast Delivery (for Exotic Material also)

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Mod. 597 S – 897 Sampling, Integral construction, SPECIFICATIONS


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